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  • Gryphon
    Wed, 07 Sept
    Their new album, “Get Out Of My Father’s Car”, is out now and the greatest news is that you can be among the first to hear this new material performed live
  • Mad Dog Mcrea
    Sat, 15 Oct
    A unique mixture of folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and ‘shake your ass’ music!
    Fri, 04 Nov
    An unrelenting voodoo trance experience, combining a heady mix of folk and blues roots of the deep south with out-and-out funk and dance
  • Turin Brakes
    Thu, 16 Mar
    2022 sees Turin Brakes release their ninth studio album - Wide-Eyed Nowhere
  • Ms Amy Birks
    Sun, 28 May
    Amy first came into the spotlight as the vocalist, lyricist, songwriter and art director for the award-winning, dark-classical-pop trio Beatrix Players, with the release of their album Magnified in 2017